Update on Covid19:


We are no longer in lockdown and take bookings!

Back at work, but with a few changes:

  1. Bookings and discussing tattoo ideas is no longer in person. You can easily book, or tell me about your new tattoo idea(s) through mail (see contact), instagram or facebook (@ninkeartsy). 

  2. To minimise footprint, we ask you to come to your tattoo session alone (no family/friends).
    Please wear a face mask. You will be provided one, if you don't bring your own.
    Hand sanitizer will be provided upon arrival. Maintain hygiene: wash hands thoroughly and regularly.




We are excited to let you know we just launched our brand new webshop at Redbubble!!

Eventhough tattooing is our medium, we are not only limited to making tattoo-designs. MThere are other styles we experiment and have fun with. And this year we decided to put those designs to good use! Hence we came up with a Redbubble webshop that sells durable goods with your favourite tattoo-artists art on! We are working on multiple collections and various kinds of goods, as to give you the widest  range of choice!

Feel free to drop suggestions/ideas or review in my message box.

We will continue to do our best to make you happy!

From clocks to shirts, from phonecases to waterbottles!

You can check out the wares here


 As we are all under lockdown at the moment, there will be no tattooing for now.

Customers with appointments will be contacted and rescheduled. They will not lost any deposits!

Shops will reopen on May the 18th unless we receive other news from the government not to do so. Safety first! 

When we reopen we do ask you to adhere new safety rules:

 - Come alone (no friends/family)

 - Use a mouthmask (we will provide you of one, if you don't have any)

 - Use alcogel: there will be a bottle provided at the entrance of the shop

 - Maintain hygiene: wash hands thoroughly and regularly

 - Enjoy your tattoosession!

World tour 2019 - 2020


At the moment Ninke is undertaking a trip around the world!

But not to worry, she already takes on appointments for August - October of 2020!

She is also available during her travels through her facebookpage/instagram ninkeartsy for advise, illustration or design making. 

Stay updated on her travels on her blog   

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