Born and raised in Belgium, Ninke grew up with an interest for various arts. After finishing her master studies Japanology at the university of Gent, she decided to pursue her career as an artist and chose tattooing as her medium.

Next to working in Belgium, she has experience working in shops all over the world. From Acqua Santa in New York, the Honourable Society in Los Angeles, ICHI tattoo in Tokyo, Japan, Chapter Two in Auckland, City of Ink in Christchurch, New Zealand,...  
You can also find her at tattoo conventions in and out of Europe.

Her art shows an honest expression of emotion as well as imagination. The designs carry an eye for detail and composition. Every idea gets her full attention and time. That's why you'll find a piece of her soul in every design.

With a variety of themes such as: nature, feminism, fantasy,... she offers an escape from reality. The results go from whimsical to dreamy to melancholy, with a touch of darkness.