Bookings for January

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I am currently enjoying my maternity leave with my happy hubby and little bundle of joy! 

I will be back at work starting November. Yes bookings are already possible!

I certainly understand if you would like to be assisted faster with your desired tattoo by one of my colleagues (Jesper, Eliot, Sarah, Karen). You can find their contact forms on the website

However it is already possible to discuss your tattoo idea by mail and to book a session. You will receive an answer within 7 days time.

Thank you for your understanding and have a nice summer!


Kind regards,



Under the REACH enactment, starting January 04/01/2022, we no longer carry inks that contain isopropanol

All our inks REACH proof!!


Under the current Covid19 rules, it is no longer mandatory that you wear a facemask when you come to the shop. 
We still advise strongly to come alone, as to minimize footprint in the shop.
Thank you for your understanding!


I am delighted to share with you, that I am opening my shop 'The Lost Oasis' with my wonderful team of colleages in the heart of city Leuven!

You can check out our website and colleagues' work on