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Back at work! 

After enjoying a blissful three months with my hubby and wonderful newborn daughter, I am again back at work in my shop The Lost Oasis, in the heart of Leuven! I am looking forward to seeing all your faces again and taking up all your awesome new tattoo projects!


Under the REACH enactment, starting January 04/01/2022, we no longer carry inks that contain isopropanol

All our inks REACH proof!!


Under the current Covid19 rules, it is no longer mandatory that you wear a facemask when you come to the shop. 
We still advise strongly to come alone, as to minimize footprint in the shop.
Thank you for your understanding!


I am delighted to share with you, that I am opening my shop 'The Lost Oasis' with my wonderful team of colleages in the heart of city Leuven!

You can check out our website and colleagues' work on